Making accounting and administration service more fun.

Marketing and organisational concepts for accounting offices and administrative professions.

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Why Auckland Network?

Accounting and administration are traditionally associated with boring and tedious work and uninspiring meetings. Auckland Network is a marketing and organisational concept that helps accounting firms and administrative offices to enter the 21st century and make their services count.

Not by producing more paper and more meetings but by introducing services, products and ways of work that will transform your practice into a place where professional clients want to go to get inspired.

Organisational concepts

Training and tools to implement lean management, agile planning and team building in your organisation.

Marketing concepts

Concepts for targeting new clients and to enhance the customer experience of your existing customer base.


Product concepts related to financial planning, dashboards to make boring data insightful and a series of tools and ideas to get some buzz into your service offering.

Auckland benefits

A better organisation

Auckland helps you to introduce new organisational concepts such as lean and agile management in your practice. This allows you to work faster, more efficiently and to free-up time to spend with customers. 

A better marketing

Auckland has studied what customers expect of accountants and administrative service companies. And its more than just keeping the books. We help you to  position your practice as an inspirational hub for entrepreneurs.

Better products and solutions

Auckland developed a series of products and service packages to address topics such as estate planning, company valuation and administrative organisation to sell to your customers in a plug and play version. 

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